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Car key replacement

Lost car keys

Lost car keys are always a frustrating experience, second only to having locked your keys in the car. At Absolute Auto Assist our mobile car locksmith service can be with you wherever you find yourself without your keys, with the right equipment in the back, and the right employee in the front to ensure a car key replacement can be provided while you wait.


Most modern cars have an electronic interface built into their keys as secondary security device. These interface present anybody from breaking into your car with just a physical copy of the key, and are obviously a good thing. At Absolute Auto Locksmiths, we have the technology on hand to reprogram you car’s electronic locking system so it will recognise your car key replacement immediately.

All makes and models

Whilst some linked garages and main dealers struggle to handle any locksmith outside of their tight restrictions, we are a fully independent car locksmith firm with over 25 years of experience between us. Not only will we save you time and money, we can also provide car key replacements for any make or model of car.

Remember: with Absolute Auto Locksmiths, there is  ABSOLUTELY  no need to call the main dealer

Your local auto locksmith

Over 25 years’ experience

For four years now, we have traded as Absolute Auto Locksmiths and, between us, our team of specialist locksmiths and technicians have a full quarter of a century of locksmith experience. That kind of expertise should reassure you, since you know that your car will be in the hands of seasoned professionals.

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Whatever your car locksmith needs, call Absolute Auto Locksmiths today on 07939 743 228, or get in touch through our online query form.

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